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This course is about creating online Courses in Pakistan. This will be in the English language. I am targeting instructors in Pakistan who are already teaching. And they may need a gentle "PUSH" in the right direction.

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An introduction to course making in Pakistan.

  • A Brief Introduction to the Class 2min 3sec
  • Course Structure and Things to Remember 2min 34sec
  • Things that you Need to Create a Successful Video 2min 46sec
  • Prerequisites to Course making 2min 20sec
  • How to Add Titles, Tags, and Descriptions? 1min 23sec
  • Benefits of Video 1min 29sec
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Rameez Qaiser

Instructor, Airschool

Expert Content Writer with over 10+ Years of experience.


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  • Refined Video Maker

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This course is designed as a primer for Young entrepreneurs. And for people who are looking to start their Online teaching career.

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15+ enrolled on this course